Friday, June 7, 2013

The Bruins Quest (continued)

We're going to the Cup!!!

Are you freaking serious??? A SWEEP?!!?!?! Against the Penguins??!?! Is this correct?! Welp, it is. Total domination! Tuukka Rask has turned into the 2011 Tim Thomas, maybe even better. Chara did his usual, hit and block everything. Chara actually made the key save with less than a minute left as he used that 6'9" body frame of his to block the shot away from the wide open net. The stingy Boston defense held two of the best scores in the league (Crosby and Malkin) to ZERO, yes I repeat, ZERO points in four games. The Bruins offense did just enough in games 3 and 4 to eek out two victories. The Penguins generated no offense whatsoever tonight and Rask played his ass off yet again. Rask held the highest scoring offense in the league to two shut outs. They weren't shut out all season long. Also, the Penguins had the best power play in the NHL throughout the season and in the playoffs. Boston shut them down to 0 for 15 on power play tries. This was the first time the Penguins have been swept in 45 series dating back to 1979 which happened against the Bruins. The defense and goaltending showed off its brawn this series and could be the leading force for this team to win four more games and become Stanley Cup Champions.

As for the Iginla-Jagr argument the stats from this series show for themselves:
Iginla:                                             Jagr:
+/-: -4                                             +/-: +3
Points: 0                                         Points: 3
Shots on Goal: 5                            Shots on Goal: 10

The stats show for themselves, Jagr was more of a producer in this series. He was more of a producer throughout the season as well. This series just showed that even though we got screwed on the Iginla deal, Jagr was the better pickup anyway. He's helped bring a presence on the power play and just on the ice in general.

As for the 2013 Rask-2011 Thomas comparisons:

1st 2 rounds + 1st 3 Games Conf. Final:
                   2011 Thomas       2013 Rask
Save %           .932                      .940
GAA              2.28                     1.88
SOG/G          34.5                     33.4
*stats from

As you can see Rask, even though inconsistent during the year and has had his problems, is actually having a better postseason then Thomas had before the Stanley Cup in 2011. He has posted a better save percentage and goals against average. Rask gave up a mere TWO goals in four games to a Penguins team that averaged over four goals a game going into the series. This performance has taken any criticism from the experts, or me, and thrown it straight out the window. Rask is the real deal, write it down. Tuukka Rask has become elite. The Bruins must ride him if they want to capture a second title in three years...

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