Friday, June 21, 2013

What's Done Is Done.

Just Let Doc Leave...

Amidst all the trade talks between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers, one thing is certain for the Celtics next season: Nothing will be the same. What's done is done. Doc has no intent of coming back and even if he did, how would the locker room respond? They wouldn't want a guy who tried to pack up his bags and ditch town coming back in August saying he's ready to move on from the summer and win some games.

Doesn't work like that.

Doc Rivers' time in Boston is done. Next year he'll either be coaching the Clippers, broadcasting for ESPN, or retired. There is no more going back after this debacle. It's a publically known fact Doc is uncertain to come back to a team in midst of a possible roster overhaul looking to move veterans KG and Paul. Doc isn't down to coach a rebuilding franchise. He wants to coach a contender. And he's certainly earned that right.

Even though Doc is still under contract with Boston for three more years, him leaving seems very understandable for some reason. You would think when one of the top coaches in the NBA that's led your team to a title wants to ditch, you'd be pissed. But in all fairness, Doc's served his time and can do what he's doing and not get hanged. Doc helped bring some glory years back to Boston alongside KG, Paul and Rondo. He led a flailing franchise to its 17th title. And for some reason, people can live with him leaving. And this is because this situation has been in the makings. Eventually KG and Paul would get too old and couldn't be a centerpiece any longer and of course Doc would follow suit with these guys and leave. Although this time, it's the coach making the first move not the players. Doc was the one coming out publicly saying he was uncertain about his future not Kevin or Paul. Doc made the first move and Kevin followed by saying if they sent him where Doc went he'd lift his no-trade clause. So that's where the Clippers come in. In need of a coach and veteran presence and trying to impress a superstar (Chris Paul) to re-sign with them. Talks were on. Then they were off. Then they were on. Then the NBA said they wouldn't let the trade pass.

The framework of the deal has been up and down and every direction since talks started. Once, it was Eric Bledsoe, DeAndre Jordan and two first rounders for KG and Doc. But then L.A. wanted to use Bledsoe to deal with other teams so they reached a stalemate. Then Boston said it wouldn't need Bledsoe to make a deal, but they wanted L.A. to take either Terry or Lee to free up cap room for Boston. Then it looked like Caron Butler or Willie Green, DeAndre Jordan and two first rounders for KG, Doc and Lee. Then those talks broke down, but then Chris Paul relayed to Clippers front office that for him to sign the deal had to get done and all of a sudden talks were back on. And then the NBA comes in and says the deal is illegal.


NBA wants to see the two separate deals for KG and a deal for obtain rights to Doc Rivers. Now that slows down the process. Just put us Celtics fans out of our misery and let our heart and soul leave. Let the men that brought us back to titletown leave. Our hearts have already been stepped on, so stop jumping on them. Let the deals go through.
DeAndre Jordan and Willie Green for KG and Courtney Lee.
Two first rounders for rights of Doc Rivers.
There. Let those two deals go through. Clippers get what they want and we get a center and a bench scorer and two draft picks. We get cap space freed up for make a run at Josh Smith on draft night that way and our franchise can quickly rebuild rather than lengthy. Give up both our first rounders (one from L.A.) and Paul for Josh Smith. Smith is actually someone who wouldn't mind playing with Rondo. Seeing as they made a good tandem is in high school together, a reunion sounds about perfect. Think about putting Rondo, Bradley, Green, Smith and Jordan out there as a starting five and Sully, Bass, Jet and Green coming off the bench. That's a pretty young and deep team right there. The rebuilding process could be started and finished in just a matter of two weeks.

So please commish. Stop this nonsense. The wounds of us Celtics fans are deep. (Ray just getting another ring doesn't help) Our heart and soul is going to be shipped out with our beloved coach. Let it happen. We knew this day would come eventually. Maybe not so quick but it did. Now stop ripping the Band-Aid off slowly. Just rip it as quick as possible please, because the more you wait around the more tears and pain develop. Finish the deal so we can move on and accept what our team will become and try to smile at the great memories of the past 6 years with KG and Doc. And smile with a tear at the great 15-plus Paul gave us. These men will be deeply missed. We knew this time would come. Maybe not so soon, but what's done is done, and it's time to move on.

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