Saturday, June 8, 2013

Why Celtics Fans Should Root Against the Heat

Why We Should Root Against the Miami Heat

Since the Finals are fully underway and of course the favored (and despised) Miami Heat are contending to take home a second title in a row. I just wanted to let all Celtics fans why we need to root against Miami to show loyalty to our beloved Gang Green.

1) The Pat Riley Factor.

C'mon. It's Pat Riley. How do you root for this guy? If you even want to call yourself a Celtics fan you can't ever say you want to see him have any success. Magic vs. Bird. Pat was the infamous coach during that decade. He led the Lakers, our biggest rival at the time, to two titles over our Larry Bird led C's. Now he's the man that put together this 'Big 3' in Miami and lets be honest has more of an influence on the team than so called 'coach' Spolestra does. If you don't remember earlier in the year our GM Danny Ainge made a comment about Lebron James bitching over calls and Riley, the dick himself, fired back at Ainge and quote said "Danny Ainge needs to shut the f--- up and manage his own team. He was the biggest whiner going when he was playing and I know that because I coached against him." How would you ever root for a team that takes shot at our GM? You can't! Now, I'm not saying we can't respect Riley. He is one of basketball greatest influences throughout history. But we sure as hell don't have to like him or his team. He is and always will be a considered a rival to the Celtics.

2) The Lebron Factor.

I just don't know how anyone really roots for this guy. I'm not denying that he's the greatest basketball player in the world, but how do you root for him. He had to form a super team to get his ring. I understand he needed help in Cleveland, a lot of it. But he gave up his integrity as a person taking the easy way out by forming a super squad. He took a lot of backlash from many Hall-of-Fame NBA'ers, because they never did it that way. Lebron needed help, not the amount that he got though. Jordan had Pippen, not someone like Isaiah Thomas. The greats always had epic face-offs not teaming up to win championships. He took his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers and packed his bags and ditched. What kind of person disgraces himself like that?? The way he went about it too, just pathetic. I just feel like if he stayed in Cleveland and got the help he needed like a above average scorer and a solid big man his legacy would be double what it is now. Any ring he would have won would have more prominence in Cleveland than anywhere else. Lebron just needs to be hated. He  needs to have haters like me. And we as Celtics fan must hate him. If he's not with us, then he's against us. No if and's or but's about it. He beats our team and is a wimp who couldn't take the pressure of carrying a team so he went to someone who knew how to carry a team in Dwayne Wade. I'm not even from Ohio or have any relation to anyone in Ohio and I STILL to this day can't stand or believe the decision he made. Yes, Lebron James is unstoppable and yes he's the best player in the world. BUT he is also a COWARD and deserves to still hear about it. He took a reeling franchise historically known for being bad, and made them a contender for a couple years couldn't get the job done and had some pressure on him so he packed up and left. COWARD....

3) They've Taken Our Crown

During our 'Big 3' era we ran the Eastern Conference. We were the standard. And now since the new and cowardly 'Big 3' have arrived we were eliminated in the conference semis in five games and last year's heartbreaker game seven in the conference finals. We can't root for this team; they are the rival. They came in and took our crown. How does any Celtic fan find a way to even remotely root for this team? This team is our rival. Equal to what the Patriots have against the Jets and what the Bruins have against the Canadians and what the Sox have against Yanks. This should be and is our #1 public enemy when it comes to the NBA. We were on top in this conference. It was our conference and they came in and stole the show. And as loyal Celtic fans we need to hate this team and wait and fight to get our crown of the Eastern Conference back.

4) Coward #1: Ray Allen

God. This man is scum. Sleazebag. If you're a Celtics fan and my first three reasons don't make you hate this team (you're not a fan at this point) then this reason must make you hate the Heat. Oh the infamous Ray Allen. Once beloved by me and many other Celtics fans. Then there was last summer. Where he leaves Boston to go to the team that eliminated he and his team for the second straight year for LESS FRICKING MONEY TOO. Oh Ray Allen. I know you lost your minutes when the godly figure Avery Bradley showed up on the court. Sorry that he knew how to play defense and didn't have the ankle problem you did. Ray Allen. How do you leave? We brought you home. Accepted you, and made you're career ,which was great, and made it even greater. We brought you in past your prime took two other old guys and made a championship team for you guys. How do you repay us Ray? You go to the hated rival. You take all the commitment to your 'Big 3' and leave. KG and Paul were like brothers to you. You guys all had that connection; Fought long hard years and finally were paid off to triumph with these guys. So what do you go and do? Leave to a team that "gives a better chance to win titles". What was the point of our Big 3? To get a better chance to win titles. Don't ever wonder why KG and Paul won't talk to you and why all of Boston hates you. It's not that this guy left. It's the way he did it. WE offered more money and WE had a plan of getting the band back together and adding pieces to BEAT the Heat not friggin JOIN them. Where is your sense of comradery? Obviously you don't have one. It wasn't like we gave you a horrible offer (cough* Belichick-Welker cough*) and wanted you to leave. We wanted the band back to make a run at these guys and you leave us for THEM? Insanity. Just because you lost some minutes with the team and had a little quibble with Rondo and had some hard times doesn't mean you pack your bags and ditch. (Sound familiar? cough* Lebron cough*) But for you Ray, its worse. We loved you. You were one of the favorites in Boston and you broke our hearts. And that's why we will never forgive you and that's why you don't deserve another ring ever again. Ever. You Ray Allen are the number one coward in the NBA and you play for the Heat and you broke Celtics fans hearts. That is why we as Celtics fans can never ever root for you again as long as you play.

And so, if these reasons don't register with you on why we as Celtics fans MUST hate the Heat then you can no longer be considered a Celtic fan. I do have great respect for the Heat. I don't deny they have the best team in the NBA, the best player in the world and the best three-ball shooter ever and that's why we HAVE to hate them.
Go Celtics. (And please San Antonio, take it away from Ray for me)

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