Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Demise of the Patriots..?

The Staining of a Once Revered Franchise

Bill Belichick: one of the smartest minds football has ever seen. One of the best coaches it has seen. He demands excellence from himself and his players, and more often than not he gets it. The man known to take many unknown players and try to find steals in free agency and drafts. Belichick has also been known to take some risks in his tenure with the Pats.

It all started with Corey Dillon; the flailing running back who was a big character issue guy in Cincy as he lost touches of the ball. Belichick traded for Dillon for a draft pick, which turned out to be a steal. Dillon ended up running for 1600 yards and double digit TDs. He was the catalyst to a pounding offense and helped lead New England to a Super Bowl victory.

Next was Randy Moss. Another draft day acquisition through trade and yet again another huge steal. Moss and Brady teamed up in 2007 to smash tons of offensive records on their way to a 16-0 regular season ultimately ending in a Super Bowl defeat. Moss would compile three 1000 yard season with New England before starting to mouth off in the 2010 season and Belichick quickly flipped Moss for a draft pick just like that. But in the end the three beyond successful years were worth the risk for the team.

Then in 2010 Belichick took a minor risk with Rob Gronkowski because of his lingering back issues. Gronk has been the man since he's shown up though and still battles through injury and performs at a high level constantly.

Again, Belichick took a risk on two character issue guys: Chad Johnson and Albert Haynesworth. Both were acquired through trade by draft picks. Both guys didn't cause any issues when they arrived in New England they both just didn't do anything productive in New England. Both guys played only one season each and made the draft picks given up for them look so much sweeter.
Then, in the 2012 draft Belichick goes and takes cornerback Alfonso Dennard who, just days before the draft, was involved in an assault case against a cop.
And now, this off-season happened. The whole Patriots organization was flipped up on its head. The once risked on Aaron Hernandez went rogue on the team getting charged with murder. There are also many other reports about Hernandez and his legal troubles showing how little the Patriots really knew about this guy. Hernandez was immediately cut by the team and they have done their best to further themselves from him and the situation. But no matter what, Hernandez has tainted this franchise and shown the Belichick and his risks are no longer invincible. The franchise has been stained by this and to top it off, just days ago another risk by Belichick has failed him.
Alfonso Dennard was arrested for suspicion of DUI and may have his probation revoked in the coming weeks. This may just force the Patriots to cut him and help try to clean their image up. This is just sad to see happen to the Patriots. Such a great franchise has been stained by a couple of dumb guys who can't stay professional off the field. The Patriots will work their way around this; they always do. If you are a Patriots fan, don't worry, Belichick has the team under control and knows this team can make at the Super Bowl. As long as Tom Brady is at the helm the team can have all the problems it wants. Brady will always give your team a chance to win games so no these off field problems are not the demise of the Patriot. It is just a minor stain on a model franchise for teams around the NFL.

No one has been able to match the consistent success of the Patriots in the 21st century. Even though there are stains on the franchise from risks, the Patriots have been able to overcome this with the GOAT at head coach and quarterback. So, if for any second you doubt the Patriots future success, just know that they will always be contenders as long as Brady and Belichick are at the helm.

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