Thursday, March 13, 2014

Darrelle Revis a New England Patriot!

Revis Island Now In Foxboro!

            It was about 11:30pm on Tuesday night and I was about to go to sleep and I decided to check twitter just one last time before bed. I see a tweet from Schefter that says something about Aqib Talib…. I do a double take, look again and see that the damn Denver Broncos signed Talib to a ridiculous 6-year/57million dollar deal that included 26 million in guaranteed money (a record for a CB)!!! The deal may have been too much money, but the Broncos just got better while weakening our chances as well.

            The first thing that went through my mind (besides F Denver!!) was: now we need to get Revis. It’s Revis or bust at this point.

            Well, the great football mind Bill Belichick made it happen. He fulfilled Pats fans dreams by signed one of the best corners in the NFL, also upgrading from Talib too! Those 20 hours in between the Talib and Revis signings were very nerve-racking to say the least. But then, news broke that BB pulled the trigger on the Island and he was now a Patriot!!! Revis is easily the best talent at cornerback that BB has had since well Talib or even as far back as Ty Law. We all saw how good Talib made this Patriots depleted defense. Now, imagine what Revis Island and BB could do together? Scary isn’t it?

            This is the biggest offseason move made by BB since getting Randy Moss for nothing in 2007. And of course, as he always does, BB made this deal very cap friendly for the 2014 season. Early reports had the deal pegged at 1-year/12 million but in actuality the deal is 2-years/32 million and Revis’ cap hit this season is only 7 million with a 2015 club option! So pretty much it boils down to that Revis won’t be playing on that crazy 2015 cap number after the first season so he will either be cut or extended. It has been reported that BB wants to extend Revis long-term if the ‘feel out’ period goes well in NE.

            Whatever the case, Revis is here in 2014 and the Patriots get everyone back healthy and their defense could be ELITE this upcoming season. Yes, ELITE. They shouldn’t stop with this signing though. Brandon Browner and Wesley Woodyard have visited in recent days. If the Patriots could lock both of them up and then maybe try to add a Jared Allen or Julius Peppers, this defense could be insanely good, especially with the great coach BB at the helm. The Broncos went out on a spending spree for three very good defensive guys. BB could easily have one big deal and three mid-level deals locked up and we would have a better defense than Denver. The key is not stopping with just Revis. If BB makes a couple more moves, this is easily a Super Bowl caliber defense and with TB12 running the offensive show, look out NFL. The Patriots are coming.

            I am so happy to say Revis Island is a Patriot and I can’t wait for my Revis jersey to come in! (Yes, I did get one. It is worth it. This 2014 team could be very special.) Revis Island is here baby! Go Pats!!!!


  1. dude did you really take an arron hernandez picture and put revis number and head on it? lol... no. man, just no.

    1. This picture was all over the internet after he was signed lol I just found it