Monday, May 19, 2014

Congrats to Ty Law!

Congrats to Ty Law! New England Patriot Hall-of-Famer!

            Ty Law was the best cornerback I have ever seen wear a Patriots uniform (although Revis is here now, so). He was a key cog in all 3 of the Patriots Super Bowl runs being the lockdown cornerback on a great defense. The best memories I have of Law is the Pick 6 in Super Bowl XXXVI to help strengthen the Pats lead, or the 2003 AFC Title game where he picked off Manning three times himself. Ty Law always seemed to make the big play to help you win the game. The only thing that sucks with Law is he didn’t finish his career out as a Patriot. He had a great tenure here though and will go down as one of the Patriots best corners. Ty Law will always be remembered as the guy that helped bring the dynasty to New England. You can't say the words 'Patriots Reign' without saying 'Ty Law'.  A well-deserved Hall-of-Famer!


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