Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Celtics Lottery Importance

Taking a Look at the Celtics Lotto Chances

            Tonight is a huge night for us Celtic fans. Not only can our hated Heat go down 0-2 to the Pacers, but we get to see our determined fate in the draft through the annual NBA lottery. With the latest rumors of Kevin Love wanting out of Minnesota, this is a huge night for us. If we get screwed into the 8th pick then the chances of the Love trade may decrease but, if somehow the Celtics get into the Top 3 we have a legitimate shot at trading for Kevin Love. It sounds crazy, but honestly Love would make this team a playoff squad next season. A starting lineup of Rondo, Bradley, Green, Sullinger and Love is a 5-7 seed in the East. If the Celtics DO win the lotto and decide to use the pick, I hope to god it is on my favorite player in this draft Jabari Parker. Many people love the potential and athletic of Wiggins, but to me, he has Jeff Green written all over him (which isn’t worth a #1 pick). Outside of that the Celtics will most likely land the 5th or 6th pick so if that is not traded to get Kevin Love, then they will need to take the best available (who knows who Danny Ainge likes). The best option for this team, in my opinion, is to get a Top 5 pick and try like hell to get Kevin Love and become an immediate playoff team again. Also, if you don’t believe the Kevin Love rumors here is this statement from a Yahoo Sports source: “The Boston Celtics have emerged as an increasingly intriguing destination for Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star forward Kevin Love, and the Celtics' draft position coming out of Tuesday night's lottery could be telltale in determining the feasibility of a trade, league sources told Yahoo Sports.”
Celtics' Chances Of Receiving Each Possible Pick

            We all know how the Celtics have been screwed in the lottery before. Back in 1997, the C’s were the favorites to win the lottery and get Tim Duncan, the unanimous #1 can’t miss prospect, but of course they ended up getting jobbed and got the #2 pick that year. Just years ago, in 2007, the Celtics had the best odds at the #2 pick which was where Kevin Durant was projected to go. Of course they ended up getting the #5 pick, but that worked out because that pick of Jeff Green helped land Ray Allen, which was direct correlation to the 2008 Title… So no complaints here… Anyways, here’s the Celtics probability in landing each spot in the draft!!! GO CELTICS AND GOODLUCK CLOVERS!!





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