Wednesday, October 29, 2014

NBA Predictions

NBA Predictions

1) Cleveland Cavaliers
2) Chicago Bulls
3) Washington Wizards
4) Miami Heat
5) Toronto Raptors
6) Charlotte Hornets
7) Atlanta Hawks
8) Boston Celtics

9) Brooklyn Nets
10) Indiana Pacers
11) New York Knicks
12) Detroit Pistons
13) Orlando Magic
14) Milwaukee Bucks
15) Philadelphia 76ers

1) San Antonio Spurs
2) Los Angeles Clippers

3) Oklahoma City Thunder
4) Portland Trailblazers
5) Houston Rockets
6) Golden State Warriors
7) Dallas Mavericks
8) Memphis Grizzlies

9) New Orleans Pelicans
10) Denver Nuggets
11) Phoenix Suns
12) Sacramento Kings
13) Los Angeles Lakers
14) Minnesota Timberwolves
15) Utah Jazz
Conference Finals:
Spurs over Thunder
Bulls over Cavs

Finals: Spurs over Bulls
MVP: LeBron James
Comeback POY: Derrick Rose
Rookie: Jabari Parker

6th Man: Jamal Crawford

All-NBA 1st Team:
Russell Westbrook
Chris Paul
LeBron James
Anthony Davis
Dwight Howard

All-NBA 2nd Team:
Steph Curry
James Harden
LaMarcus Aldridge
Blake Griffin
Marc Gasol

Extended Thoughts:

• I think it's safe to say LeBron's new big 3 in Cleveland will win a lot of games during the season and likely be the favorite heading into the playoffs. I think the Cavs, outside of LBJ, have a lot of growing to do. The reason I see the Bulls beating Cleveland is the veteran leaders of Rose, Gasol and Noah. LeBron won't be able to carry the young team highlighted by Irving, Waiters and Love just yet. This Cavs team may be a dynasty in the near future, but that dynasty won't start this season.

• The Spurs to me will continue to dominate as Leonard is only getting better and Parker still has a lot left in the tank. Add Danny Green and a nice rookie Kyle Anderson and the Spurs are slowly becoming a young force with the veteran leadership as well.

• I feel that people are really underestimating the Heat this season. DWade will be limited at times, yes, but Chris Bosh should revert back to his Toronto days where he was averaging 24/11. I think the core of Wade/Deng/Bosh carry easily carry Miami to a 4-5 seed in the East and have some vets that will be ready for playoff action.

• My sleeper team of the season believe it or not, is the home team Boston Celtics. I believe that both Rondo and Green will be playing hard and consistent ball for 82 games as both are looking for new contracts. Add those two with Sullinger and a couple nice scorers at guard and the Celtics will be able to win games in a relatively weak Eastern conference.

• My other sleeper teams to watch are the Wizards (in the playoffs), because they have nice young talent and brought in clutch scorer and my favorite player ever Paul Pierce. I also see the Pelicans being a team led by star Anthony Davis that may compete for one of the last playoff spots in the West.

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