Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lottery and Playoff Thoughts

Thoughts on the NBA Happenings

Lottery Thoughts:

            Welp, to start, the Celtics ended up landing the 6th overall pick in the draft next month. Even though it is a little disappointing, the statistics had the 6th pick being the most likely. With the this pick, I would really like to see the C’s make a run at a Kevin Love trade, or try and trade up into the top three to land the legit prospects (Parker, Wiggins or Embiid). If the Celtics cannot trade for Love and do use both their first round picks this season, I expect another “Tankapalooza” season from the Celtics, because the talent level will not be too good. If the Celtics decide to make the picks, they can trade away Rondo to finish off the complete roster overhaul and set the rebuild back a couple more years. That would suck, but in the end it could pay off more. Whatever happens, I can’t wait to see it unfold next month!

            On the other hand, somehow the Cavaliers ended up with the 1st overall pick AGAIN, only the 3rd time in four year, no big deal. The Cavs had a 1.7% chance at obtaining the number one pick and, well, that 1.7% came through. Many people want to point the finger that the NBA is rigged, which is funny I must say. But in all seriousness, I don’t think they would rig the lottery (but I’m not counting out that Joey Crawford is paid by the Heat). But I do believe in basketball gods, and obviously those gods are trying to make it up to Cleveland after LeBron ditched town. All I have to say is: basketball gods, the Cavs took freaking Anthony Bennett last year at number one. They do not deserve another number one pick to waste. That is all. Also I am glad the Lakers didn’t hop the Celtics in the selections.


Playoff Thoughts:

          For a solid 48 hours I thought and rejoiced over the fact that the Pacers looked to have a chance versus Miami after winning Game 1. Last night, all of that rejoicing turned to disgust as the Pacers let the Heat steamroll by them in the 4th quarter and blow a golden opportunity to put Miami in a 0-2 hole. But no, Miami, led by aggressive play from Wade and LeBron, took back home court advantage the rest of the series and tied it up at one. Before this series started, I said Miami in 5 or 6, because well the Pacers looked god awful versus two mediocre teams in Washington and Atlanta. In Game 1, we saw a resurgence of the enigma himself, Roy Hibbert. His play and the help of the foul line advantage and good shooting led the Pacers to a win. In Game 2, they had a golden chance to put this Miami team on the ropes, but blew it. After Game 1, I was thinking this series was going seven games and Indy might actually win, but after seeing them blow Game 2, I think Miami takes this in 6. That really upsets me. I really thought the Pacers could be the team to stop Miami’s reign, but right now that looks bleak. And to top this all off, Paul George is uncertain for Game 3. If he doesn’t play, then Indy is in big trouble no matter how big Lance steps up. I really hope they can turn it around and beat the damn Heat because I hate them. I hope Indy proves me wrong; I really do. Go Pacers.

            Looking at the series in the West, tonight is a must win for the Thunder. I said before the series that without Ibaka they would need some BIG play from KD and Russell for them to have a remote chance. They didn’t get enough from them in Game 1. The Spurs, as old as they are, are still a well-oiled machine and almost unstoppable actually. Without Ibaka, the Thunder’s matchups on defense are tough. Kendrick Perkins and Steve Adams just get abused by Duncan, but putting Durant on him will take the length off the perimeter shooters and will open Leonard and Green up. They are really in a sticky situation here and for them Game 2 is a must win versus this killer Spurs team. The Spurs just have too many weapons on offense for the Thunder and play such solid and fundamental defense that they create huge issues for the Thunder. I don’t see this series getting past six games honestly. The Spurs just seem like too much for the Thunder, especially without Ibaka. I would love to see a Durant take the crown of the NBA from LeBron, but I don’t see it happening this year.

            Quick predictions: With the ECF tied at one, I see the Heat winning in six (it really pains me to say that). In the WCF, the Spurs lead 1-0 already and I think they close out that series in six games as well. So, Miami and San Antonio again…. Spurs better get revenge.

Also, for those who are wondering why I hate the Heat so much, here’s why:


  1. great blog! very well written. i had/have one too but i got lazy and figured nobody read it. let me know if you read it. maybe it will inspire me to get into it again. haha.

  2. The NBA has to do something to be much more transparent with this lottery process. Anytime you have the questionable history of the NBA's past performance and lottery outcomes, such as the year the Knicks just happened to get Patrick Ewing, you have to go the extra mile to show fans everything is on the up and up. They literally had the process happen BEHIND CLOSED DOORS! You simply have to make the process simpler and more transparent. I do not belive the results were an honest selection. Who could given the way they did it this year and the fact that since Lebron left Cleveland the Cavs have won three of four lotteries?
    Things that make ya go "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?"!